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Adsense Approval Secrets eBook

Chi Ofoegbu

I can get any site approved for Adsense in less than 24 hours.

I am not saying this to brag, this is exactly what I can do.

But it wasn’t so when I started my blogging career in 2014.

I failed in my first blog simply because I couldn’t find a way to monetize it with dozens of rejection email from Google.

Those flimsy excuses that Google keeps sending you each time you apply for Adsense.

And it is quite unfortunate that there is no manual out there that tells you how to get it right. There is no manual that tells you what to do to get your site approved for Adsense.

Just some bunch of assumptions from some online forums you Google up.

The content in this eBook, Adsense Approval Secrets is not based on mere assumptions. I had to research and get clarifications from Google Adsense team before putting up this eBook.

The content in this eBook is the collection of my experience with Google Adsense.

Some were based on real time experiment to find out what works and what doesn’t work in getting a site approved for Adsense.

I am sure this eBook will help answer important questions with regards to getting your site approved.

How many days does it take to get a site approved for Adsense?

Have you ever wondered why Google is taking time to approve some Adsense account. 2 weeks no reply, even up to a month?

And when they finally reply, it will be that the application was rejected due to insufficient content, navigation issue or some bla bla bla excuses that Google keeps bringing up.

How many posts are needed before applying?

Some say at least 30 posts, but I have gotten a lot of sites approved with just 3 post.

What does Google Adsense mean by insufficient content?

What does Google Adsense mean by valuable inventry : Site under construction?

What does Google mean when they say I already have an Adsense account?

Chances are that you might fall into this trap, or get stuck trying to find out why Google rejected your Adsense application for having another account, even when you are sure that you don’t have another Adsense.

Take a look at the preview. This eBook has everything you need to get your site ready for Adsense.

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Adsense approval Secrets

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